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   Cedar Rapids Kennedy Girls Bowling Team

Printable Roster
Michaela Beckmann SO
Arianna Chesmore FR
Abby Hume FR
Tristan Robinson SR
Bailey Schlacke SR
Taylor Schlacke SR
Kylie Shipp FR
Alexa Sievert JR
Kaylie Wonase SR
11/25/2019 - Mon Cedar Rapids Bowling Center CR Prairie @ CR Kennedy Performances
12/05/2019 - Thu May City Bowl Dual Meet Performances
12/13/2019 - Fri Cedar Rapids Bowling Center CR Washington @ CR Kennedy Performances
12/14/2019 - Sat Lancer Lanes Prairie Girls Baker Tournament Performances
12/17/2019 - Tue Cedar Rapids Bowling Center IC West @ CR Kennedy Performances
01/03/2020 - Fri Cedar Rapids Bowling Center Dual meet Kennedy Performances
01/09/2020 - Thu Cedar Rapids Bowling Center Dubuque Walhert @ CR Kennedy Performances
01/16/2020 - Thu Creslanes Bowling Conference Match CRK Performances
01/24/2020 - Fri Cedar Rapids Bowling Center Waterloo West @ CR Kennedy Performances
01/30/2020 - Thu Cedar Rapids Bowling Center Valley Divisional Meet Performances
02/14/2020 - Fri May City Bowl Cedar Rapids Jefferson vs Cedar Rapids Kennedy Performances

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