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   North Scott, Eldridge Boys Bowling Team

Printable Roster
Nate Boddicker SR
Nick Boddicker JR
Aaron Bryant SR
Hunter Collins SR
Trevor Diff SR
Eric Dobbe JR
Tanner Frey SR
Cory Grimes SR
Ethan Hamann SR
Brock Larson FR
Beau Lilyblade JR
Nick Lindaman SR
Matt Longlett SR
Seth Meyer JR
Isaac Neymeyer SO
Marcus Padilla SR
Zach Rangel JR
Bryce Rockhold SR
Adam Sacia SR
Jimmy Wu SR
Home 11/28/2016 - Mon Davenport Performances
Away 12/06/2016 - Tue Muscatine Performances
Away 12/16/2016 - Fri Davenport Performances
Away 01/09/2017 - Mon Davenport Performances
Away 01/10/2017 - Tue Davenport Performances
Away 01/14/2017 - Sat Clinton Performances
Away 01/16/2017 - Mon Clinton Performances
Home 01/24/2017 - Tue Davenport Performances
Home 01/28/2017 - Sat Davenport Performances
Home 01/31/2017 - Tue Davenport Performances
Away 02/04/2017 - Sat Muscatine Performances
Away 02/11/2017 - Sat Davenport

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