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   Charles City Boys Bowling Team

Printable Roster
Devin Alton SR
Colton Baldus SR
Wolfgang Baldus SR
Cael Bohlen FR
Jackson Cook FR
Kaleb Cotton FR
Garrett Gerholdt SR
Nathan Girkin SO
Koyer Kellogg SO
Landon Luft FR
Noah Reams JR
Nickolas Roney JR
Dillon Ross FR
Kale Ross JR
Cade Schmidt JR
Nathan Shultz JR
Ddawson Solomon SR
Jordan Wulff JR
Home 11/20/2018 - Tue 1 Comet Dr Meet Performances
Away 11/30/2018 - Fri Panther Lanes, Tripoli Performances
Home 12/07/2018 - Fri 1 Comet Dr Meet Performances
Away 12/14/2018 - Fri Thunder Lanes Bowling Alley Performances
Home 01/04/2019 - Fri 1 Comet Dr Meet Performances
Away 01/11/2019 - Fri Waverly Bowl Inn Performances
Away 01/12/2019 - Sat Cadillac XBC Columbus invitational ( Bakers ) Performances
Home 01/25/2019 - Fri 1 Comet Dr Senior Night Performances
Away 02/01/2019 - Fri North Iowa Community School District Performances
Away 02/12/2019 - Tue Maple Lanes Bowling Center 2019 Joint Qualifying Meet Performances

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