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   Knoxville Boys Bowling Team

Printable Roster
Donovan Binns FR
Andy Funk SR
Blaise Hubler SR
Zachary Jackson SR
Keagan Mc Carty SR
Caleb Murra FR
Kyler Reidel JR
Deven Renard FR
Robert Sloan SO
Braden Vandehart SR
Brady Vanderhart JR
jaxson willis SO
12/07/2019 - Sat Cardinal Lanes Newton Invitational Performances
12/10/2019 - Tue Davis County Lanes Varsity Triangular Performances
12/14/2019 - Sat Cardinal Lanes Bowling Meet Performances
12/21/2019 - Sat Mustang Lanes Knoxville Performances
01/07/2020 - Tue Bowlerama Lanes Varsity & JV Bowling Meet Performances
01/21/2020 - Tue Pella Excit-A-Bowl Bowling Meet Performances
01/23/2020 - Thu Mustang Lanes High school bowling meet Performances
01/25/2020 - Sat Mustang Lanes Bowling Meet Performances
01/30/2020 - Thu Pine Valley Golf Course Panthers vs Panthers Performances
02/01/2020 - Sat Mustang Lanes High school bowling Performances
02/04/2020 - Tue Statesmen Lanes Oskaloosa vs Knoxville Performances
02/15/2020 - Sat Val Lanes Recreation Center 2 Rivers Conference Meet Performances
02/18/2020 - Tue Great Escape - The Ultimate Experience 1A - District 7 Performances

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