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   North Fayette Valley Boys Bowling Team

Printable Roster
James Baumler FR
Mason Brown-Gonnerman FR
Brice Burgin FR
Shawn Gilson FR
Jacob L FR
Kelton Loomis SO
Connor McMurray FR
Thomas Sadler FR
Carter Schlawin FR
12/06/2019 - Fri Lilac Lanes Dual Meet Performances
12/10/2019 - Tue Super Bowl Bowling meet Performances
12/13/2019 - Fri North Fayette Valley High School meet Performances
01/03/2020 - Fri Match Performances
01/10/2020 - Fri Lilac Lanes HS Meet Vs. Waukon Performances
01/17/2020 - Fri Lilac Lanes HS Meet Vs. Oelwein Performances
01/24/2020 - Fri Tripoli, Panther Lanes, 502 7th ave sw Bowling vs. North Fayette Valley Performances
01/31/2020 - Fri Cadillac XBC Senior Night Performances
02/07/2020 - Fri Lilac Lanes HS Meet Vs. Sumner-Fredricksburg Performances
02/18/2020 - Tue Cadillac XBC 1A - District 1 Performances

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