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   Ames Boys Fall Golf Team

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Ben Alexander SO
Sam Balsley JR
Karsten Battles SO
Austin Clayberg SR
Carter Clayberg SO
Ryan Cole SR
Nathan Espeset SR
Evan Foglesong FR
Jackson Fox JR
Josh Harvey SR
Kyler Holm SR
Will Orth SO
Colton Phillips SO
Jay Rathe SO
Noah Stenberg SO
Ben Stewart SR
Jeff Swanson FR
Connor Van Weelden SO
Sam Vertanen FR
Away 08/10/2017 - Thu at Waukee Beaver Creek
Home 08/14/2017 - Mon Veenker Ames vs SEP
Home 08/15/2017 - Tue Veenker Ames Vs Valley
Away 08/21/2017 - Mon at Ankeny Otter Creek
Away 08/23/2017 - Wed at Johnston Invite Jester
Away 08/29/2017 - Tue at Ft Dodge Invite Club
Away 09/06/2017 - Wed at Ankeny Invite Otter
Home 09/11/2017 - Mon Ames Invite Veenker
Away 09/14/2017 - Thu Ankeny Cent Briarwood
Away 09/15/2017 - Fri at Mtown Invite Club
Away 09/18/2017 - Mon at Valley Invite Briarwood
Home 09/26/2017 - Tue CIC Invite Veenker
Home 10/03/2017 - Tue District Veenker

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