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   Valley Boys Fall Golf Team

Printable Roster
John Boettcher JR
Sam Jacobs SR
Alex Johnson SR
Gabe Lockin SR
Tyler Majeres SR
Max Marshall SR
Noah Micka SR
Gabriel Miller SR
Nate Miller SR
Jai Mukraj JR
Eli Stahl FR
Lucas Stedman JR
Jack Temme JR
Home 08/15/2018 - Wed Valley High School
Home 08/21/2018 - Tue Valley High School
Away 08/22/2018 - Wed Jester Park Golf Course
Away 08/30/2018 - Thu Highland Park Golf Course
Away 09/04/2018 - Tue Beaver Creek Golf Club Public Course
Away 09/10/2018 - Mon Veenker Memorial Golf Course
Away 09/12/2018 - Wed TPC Deere Run
Away 09/13/2018 - Thu Fort Dodge Country Club
Home 09/17/2018 - Mon Valley High School
Away 09/19/2018 - Wed Copper Creek Golf Club & Events Center
Away 09/24/2018 - Mon Otter Creek Golf Course
Home 09/26/2018 - Wed Valley High School
Away 10/03/2018 - Wed Whispering Creek Golf Club
Away 10/05/2018 - Fri Brown Deer Golf Club

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