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   Decorah Boys Spring Golf Team

Printable Roster
Garrett Bohr SO
Avery Brandt JR
Dalton Brown JR
Justin Bullerman SO
Caleb Chyle JR
Reese Drenth SR
Reid Drenth SR
Jonathan Drow JR
Chance Elton FR
Micheal Foster SR
Mathew Fullhart SO
Ayden Gossman FR
Parker Grinna SO
Derek Hendrickson SO
Gavin Hovden SO
Jake Hovden SR
Jeremy Jostand SR
Andrew Kephart FR
Cade Klimesh SO
Joe Knoke JR
Thomas Knoke FR
Dominic Mueller SO
Rjis Nesset JR
Jerod Redenius FR
Sam Sacquitne JR
Drake Schuring SR
Max Sparrow SO
Everett Wegge
Derek Weis JR
Nic Woosley SO
Away 04/13/2015 - Mon Charles City
Home 04/16/2015 - Thu Oneota, Decorah
Away 04/23/2015 - Thu Edgewater, Oelwein
Home 04/27/2015 - Mon Oneota, Decorah
Home 04/28/2015 - Tue Silvercrest, Decorah
Away 04/30/2015 - Thu Turkey Valley
Home 05/01/2015 - Fri Oneota, Decorah
Away 05/05/2015 - Tue Spring Valley, Washington
Away 05/07/2015 - Thu Waverly Municipal
Away 05/11/2015 - Mon Crestwood
Away 05/16/2015 - Sat Owatonna Country Club
Away 05/18/2015 - Mon NEIC Meet, Crestwood

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