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   Humboldt Boys Spring Golf Team

Printable Roster
Christian Birdsell SR
Louis Currier JR
Christian Eckberg SR
Austen Gargano SR
Anthony Harris FR
Jaxon Heinz SR
Marcus Inman SR
Casey Kayser SR
Kelly Kayser JR
Luke Kollmorgen JR
TJ Koob JR
Mike Madsen SR
Jacy Matthews SR
Adam Mickelson SR
Andy Nelson JR
Jacob Nilles FR
Cortes Olthoff SR
Brenden Schnell SR
Dylan Shiflett JR
Evan Smith FR
Mitchel Tabat FR
Isaac Thurm FR
Alex Wadsley SR
Jonathon Wergeland SO
Home 04/10/2015 - Fri Humboldt, IA
Away 04/13/2015 - Mon Emmetsburg, IA
Home 04/17/2015 - Fri Humboldt, IA
Away 04/18/2015 - Sat Spencer, IA
Away 04/24/2015 - Fri Algona, IA
Away 04/27/2015 - Mon Iowa Falls, IA
Away 05/01/2015 - Fri Hampton, IA
Away 05/02/2015 - Sat Storm Lake, IA
Away 05/09/2015 - Sat Ames, IA
Away 05/11/2015 - Mon Algona, IA
Away 05/12/2015 - Tue Webster City, IA
Away 05/14/2015 - Thu Spencer, IA
Away 05/22/2015 - Fri Denison, IA
Away 05/29/2015 - Fri Livermore, IA
Away 05/30/2015 - Sat Livermore, IA

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