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   Solon Boys Spring Golf Team

Printable Roster
Alex Allen SR
Nic Bailey JR
Payton Bandy SR
Jace Bell SO
Lucas Born JR
Ben Cusick FR
Aidan Dall JR
Jack Felton FR
William Frees FR
Noah Harp JR
Zach Harp FR
Sam Malloy FR
Stetson McIlravy FR
Blake Newell SR
Will Noonan FR
Patrick Seaton FR
Jacob Smith FR
Jack Stahle SR
Joe Stahle SO
Sully Steen SO
Nathan Steffens SO
Austin Stull FR
Treyton Suchan FR
Ethan Swan FR
Lucas TePoel FR
Jake Van Rockel FR
Luke Van Rockel SO
Josh Wenman FR
Spencer Wolfe SR
Ethan Yahr SR
Carson Yakish JR
Home 04/10/2018 - Tue Solon
Away 04/12/2018 - Thu Tipton Invite
Home 04/13/2018 - Fri Solon Invite
Away 04/20/2018 - Fri West Delaware
Away 04/21/2018 - Sat West Delaware Invite
Home 04/23/2018 - Mon Solon
Away 04/24/2018 - Tue Mt Vernon
Neutral 04/30/2018 - Mon Western Dubuque
Away 05/01/2018 - Tue DeWitt Invite
Neutral 05/07/2018 - Mon Amana Colonies
Neutral 05/11/2018 - Fri Pella

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