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Printable Season Team Stats

   Bishop Heelan, Sioux City Boys Soccer Team

Printable Roster
3/3 Zach Morris JR
4/4 Austin Lingle SR
5/5 Grant Delperdang SR
6/6 Jesus Pena SO
7/7 Ulysses Azpeitia SR
10/10 Luis Padilla JR
11/11 Adam Friessen SR
12/12 Garrett Aesoph SR
13/13 James Marksbury SR
14/14 Nathan Barber SR
16/16 Issiah Gillmore JR
16/16 Antonio Magana SR
18/18 Bryce Reynolds JR
19/19 Marcos Azpeitia SO
20/20 Andres Salcedo JR
21/21 Hunter Hope JR
30/30 Hunter Pearson SR
33/33 Saybein Clark JR
35/35 Brandon Karnes
GK/GK Nathan Gobell SR
GK/GK Carter Manthorne JR

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