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   Fort Dodge Boys Swimming Team

Printable Roster
Ashton Acree JR
Eli Asay JR
Nate Bentz SR
J.R. Brandt JR
Jeremy Brower JR
James Curtis SR
Cole Davis SR
Brennen DeCoursey SR
Max Doebel FR
Mitchell Emery SR
Andrew Fierke JR
Landon Getting JR
Demetri Grantham FR
Shane Greve SR
Isaac Hage FR
Nathan Hayes FR
Cory Hefley JR
Nehemiah Hippen SO
Daniel Leigh FR
Ben Lennon SO
Tyler McCarville SR
Cole Pearson SO
Gage Riley FR
Houssem Saafi SR
Olt Sallauka SR
Roman Valverde SR
Justin Vaughan JR
Hoo Won FR
Trent Woodhouse SR
Home 11/22/2016 - Tue Fort Dodge Dual Power
Away 11/29/2016 - Tue Carroll Triple Dual Power
Away 12/01/2016 - Thu WDM Valley Dual Power
Away 12/03/2016 - Sat Boone Invite Power
Away 12/08/2016 - Thu Mason City Dual Power
Home 12/15/2016 - Thu Fort Dodge Dual Power
Away 01/05/2017 - Thu WDM Dowling Dual Power
Home 01/12/2017 - Thu Fort Dodge Dual Power
Home 01/14/2017 - Sat Fort Dodge Rusty Garst Invite Power
Home 01/21/2017 - Sat Fort Dodge CIML Iowa Conference Power
Home 02/04/2017 - Sat Fort Dodge District Meet Power
Away 02/11/2017 - Sat Marshalltown State Meet Power

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