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   Burlington Girls Swimming Team

Printable Roster
Elena AbouAssaly FR
Lydia Bross SO
Emily Darnell FR
Bailey Hanks JR
Grace Johanns JR
Ashley McAninch JR
Abigail McAtee FR
Kathleen McAtee SR
Lindsey Nieto SO
Allyia Ruther SR
Bhavya Vats SO
Delaney White SR
Maddie Wolfe FR
Abigail Yee SR
Away 08/23/2016 - Tue United Township Burlington vs. UT Power
Away 08/25/2016 - Thu Davenport West Burlington vs. DW / RI Power
Neutral 08/30/2016 - Tue Davenport West Burlington vs. Davenport Central Power
Away 09/03/2016 - Sat Muscatine Muscatine Invite Power
Home 09/06/2016 - Tue Bettendorf Burlington vs Bettendorf Power
Away 09/13/2016 - Tue Pleasant Valley Burlington vs PV Power
Home 09/20/2016 - Tue Muscatine Burlington vs Muscatine Power
Home 09/24/2016 - Sat Burlington Grayhound Invite Power
Home 09/27/2016 - Tue Burlington Burlngton vs Davenport North Power
Home 10/04/2016 - Tue Burlington Burlington vs Davenport West Power
Away 10/11/2016 - Tue Clinton Burlington vs. Clinton Power
Away 10/20/2016 - Thu Fairfield Burlington vs Fairfield / Keokuk Power
Neutral 10/29/2016 - Sat TBA Regional Swimming Power
Neutral 11/05/2016 - Sat Marshalltown State Swimming Power

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