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   Des Moines, Roosevelt Girls Swimming Team

Printable Roster
Charlotte Bening SO
Elisabeth Bennink JR
Kate Claypool JR
Maeve Cleary SO
Olivia Dotson SO
Bridget Easler JR
Gwen Ghrist SO
Emma Hildebrandt JR
Maddie Johnston JR
Alex Kozlowski SR
Meg Mallapan SO
Pearl Neal SR
Hannah Neary JR
Evelyn Nelson SO
Lilly Nelson SR
Ellie Odole SO
Mindy Peterson SO
Mary Ann Schwindt FR
Emma Shanahan JR
Liz Sheets JR
Neve Steger SO
Katie Suh JR
Emma Wilke FR
Meghan Workman SO
Home 08/30/2016 - Tue Roosevelt Johnston @ Roosevelt Power
Home 09/06/2016 - Tue Roosevelt Mason City @ Roosevelt Power
Away 09/08/2016 - Thu Indianola Roosevelt @ Indianola Power
Home 09/13/2016 - Tue Roosevelt North @ Roosevelt Power
Away 09/20/2016 - Tue Ottumwa Roosevelt @ Ottumwa Power
Home 09/22/2016 - Thu Boone Roosevelt @ Boone Power
Away 09/27/2016 - Tue Lincoln Roosevelt @ Lincoln Power
Home 09/29/2016 - Thu Roosevelt Lewis Central @ Roosevelt Power
Home 10/04/2016 - Tue Roosevelt East @ Roosevelt Power
Away 10/06/2016 - Thu Ankeny Roosevelt @ Ankeny Power
Home 10/11/2016 - Tue Roosevelt Hoover @ Roosevelt Power
Neutral 10/20/2016 - Thu Lincoln 2016 CIML Conference Power
Neutral 10/29/2016 - Sat SE Polk 2016 Regional Power

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