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   Fort Dodge Girls Swimming Team

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Emily Asay JR
Morgan Border SO
Kosett Burmeister SO
Sydney Crimmins FR
Elora Fierke SO
Kat Flores SO
Chloe Hamlow JR
Emily Happel JR
Grace Hartley FR
Taylor Hartley SR
Lexi Hemann SR
Brittany Kalvig SR
Katie Keith SR
Claire Kienzle FR
Laney Linke JR
Maddy Major FR
Adyson McKinney SR
Madigan Peimann SO
Mackie Poland JR
Alicia Reed SO
Bailey Roberts SR
Katie Rushton SO
Chelsea Sayer SR
Emily Schaffer SR
Rylie Steinkamp FR
Shanna Thul FR
Jaime Vaughan SR
Ashlyn Wacholtz FR
Sydney Whipple FR
Luanne Xiao SO
Home 08/29/2017 - Tue Fort Dodge Power
Away 09/05/2017 - Tue WDM Valley Power
Home 09/12/2017 - Tue Fort Dodge Power
Home 09/16/2017 - Sat Fort Dodge Gary Winkler Invite Power
Home 09/19/2017 - Tue Fort Dodge Power
Away 09/26/2017 - Tue Dowling Power
Home 10/03/2017 - Tue Fort Dodge Power
Away 10/05/2017 - Thu Spencer Power
Away 10/10/2017 - Tue Marshalltown Power
Neutral 10/19/2017 - Thu Fort Dodge Conference Power
Neutral 10/26/2017 - Thu Ankeny Regionals Power
Away 11/04/2017 - Sat Marshalltown State Power

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