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   Glenwood Boys Tennis Team

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Zach Aistrope SO
Nick Bahr SO
Luke Baker SO
Carter Benson SO
Kyhler Campbell SR
Zander Carda
Alex Chekal SR
Brayden Dietz SO
Dylan Good SO
Henry Gray
Chase Gundersen JR
Eric Heidenscher JR
Adam Konfrst JR
Sam Lauritsen SR
Calvin Little FR
Tanner Maxwell JR
Cody Meyers JR
Kris Mintle JR
Simon Murphy JR
Shane Pierce
Justin Reed
Josh Ruth JR
Dylan Sondag FR
Grant Wickham JR
Home 04/06/2017 - Thu Glenwood Southwest Valley W 7-2
Home 04/10/2017 - Mon Glenwood Lewis Central W 9-0
Away 04/11/2017 - Tue Atlantic @Atlantic W 5-4
Away 04/17/2017 - Mon Red Oak @Red Oak W 7-2
Away 04/18/2017 - Tue Harlan @Harlan W 5-4
Away 04/20/2017 - Thu Council Bluffs @Council Bluffs, Thomas Jefferson W 9-0
Away 04/25/2017 - Tue Shenandoah @Shenandoah W 9-0
Home 05/01/2017 - Mon Glenwood Clarinda W 8-1
Home 05/02/2017 - Tue Glenwood St. Albert, Council Bluffs W 8-1
Away 05/04/2017 - Thu Council Bluffs @Council Bluffs, Abraham Lincoln W 8-1

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