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   Oskaloosa Boys Tennis Team

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Payton Bandy SO
Jaidyn Barnes SO
Alan Carmichael SO
Sam Carmichael JR
Mark Deronde SO
Nick Harrington JR
Brad Klucas JR
Carson Milledge JR
Nick Reiter JR
Andrew Scholes FR
Cade Snakenberg SO
Colton Stout SO
Home 04/10/2017 - Mon Oskaloosa Albia L 3-6
Home 04/18/2017 - Tue Oskaloosa Norwalk L 1-10
Home 04/20/2017 - Thu Oskaloosa Pella Results
Away 04/25/2017 - Tue Indianola @Indianola L 0-11
Away 05/01/2017 - Mon Rained OUT @Fairfield Results
Home 05/02/2017 - Tue Oskaloosa Grinnell L 1-10
Away 05/04/2017 - Thu Newton @Newton L 4-7

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