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   Des Moines, East Boys Tennis Team

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Carver Bartz JR
Victor Burns SR
Juaquin Chavez SR
Caleb Cook JR
Anthony Cooper SR
Jacob Cort JR
Andrew Denning JR
Kade Dolphin SO
Casey Downing SO
Caleb Enos SR
James Gomez SO
Donovan Grafton JR
Teondre Haygood SR
Jordan Jack JR
Edward Jones SR
Jerry Jones SR
Andrew Lamb SO
Andrew Lein SO
Fredy Leiva JR
Alex Liu JR
Anthony Martinez SR
Michael Mila JR
Brandon Mohne SR
Cameron Mohne SO
Rai Nawal JR
Kobe Pranivong JR
Logan Robinson SR
Abdullahi Sharif SO
Brady Sheets SR
Caleb Thompson JR
Paul Vorasith JR
Wesley Weichman SR
Pettis Zane SR
Alejandro Zarate SR
Home 04/05/2018 - Thu DM East Des Moines, Abraham Lincoln W 7-4
Home 04/10/2018 - Tue DM East Dowling Catholic, West Des Moines L 0-11
Home 04/12/2018 - Thu DM East Ottumwa L 3-8
Away 04/17/2018 - Tue Ankeny, IA @Ankeny L 0-11
Away 04/19/2018 - Thu DM Roosevelt @Des Moines, Roosevelt L 0-11
Away 04/20/2018 - Fri Saydel, IA @Saydel L 3-6
Home 04/24/2018 - Tue DM East Ankeny Centennial L 0-11
Home 04/26/2018 - Thu DM East Des Moines, Hoover W 7-4
Home 04/27/2018 - Fri DM East Newton W 8-3
Away 05/01/2018 - Tue DM North @Des Moines, North W 11-0
Away 05/07/2018 - Mon Marshalltown, IA @Marshalltown L 0-11

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