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   Burlington Notre Dame Girls Tennis Team

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Lydia Becker SO
Cheyenne Bolding SR
Katie Conner SO
Breanna Erickson SO
McKenzie Fry FR
Chewei Gao SR
Benita Gautam FR
Claire Hackenmiller SO
Olivia Hingosa JR
Laurel Kelley SR
Joleen Kelly FR
Kathleen McAtee JR
Mami Nagati SR
Shinnon Nakachi SR
Jazmin Oliva JR
Brittany Rausa SO
Anna Rheinschmidt FR
Kennedy Rheinschmidt SO
Katie Schmidt SO
Yuka Takara SR
Delaney Williams JR
Shuya Xian FR
Away 03/31/2016 - Thu Mt. Pleasant, Iowas @Mount Pleasant W 5-4
Home 04/04/2016 - Mon Burlington, Iowa Fort Madison W 5-4
Away 04/11/2016 - Mon Fairfield, Iowa @Maharishi, Fairfield W 9-0
Home 04/12/2016 - Tue Burlington, Iowa Burlington L 0-9
Away 04/14/2016 - Thu Keokuk, Iowa @Keokuk W 5-4
Home 04/29/2016 - Fri Burlington, Iowa Keokuk W 5-4
Away 05/02/2016 - Mon Bloomfield, Iowa @Davis County, Bloomfield W 5-4
Away 05/03/2016 - Tue Fort Madison, Iowa @Fort Madison W 6-3
Home 05/05/2016 - Thu Burlington, Iowa Holy Trinity Catholic W 8-1
Away 05/07/2016 - Sat Burlington, Iowa @Burlington Results

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