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   St. Albert Girls Tennis Team

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Christin Bachmann JR
Emma Barns SO
Jenna Carlson SO
Kasi Cox SR
Emma Eickholt SR
Caroline Faust SO
Sydney Fields JR
Katie Hopping JR
Shelby Leuschen SR
Liz Luke SR
Jaz Nelson SR
Ava Pavlik SR
Chau Pham JR
Lauren Rollins SO
Meg Ross SO
Hannah Schweitzer SR
Harriet Siegrist JR
Maddie Skinner FR
Praewa Towsajja JR
Home 04/05/2016 - Tue Council Bluffs, IA Council Bluffs, Abraham Lincoln W 8-1
Away 04/06/2016 - Wed Council Bluffs, IA @Council Bluffs, Thomas Jefferson W 8-1
Away 04/09/2016 - Sat Shenandoah, IA @Shenandoah Results
Away 04/11/2016 - Mon Audubon, IA @Audubon W 9-0
Away 04/12/2016 - Tue Shenandoah @Shenandoah L 1-8
Home 04/22/2016 - Fri Council Bluffs, IA Southwest Valley W 9-0
Home 04/26/2016 - Tue Council Bluffs, IA Harlan W 5-1
Away 04/28/2016 - Thu Council Bluffs, IA @Council Bluffs, Thomas Jefferson Results
Away 05/03/2016 - Tue Glenwood, IA @Glenwood L 3-6
Away 05/04/2016 - Wed Council Bluffs. IA @Lewis Central W 6-3
Away 05/10/2016 - Tue Clarinda, IA @Clarinda Results
Away 05/16/2016 - Mon Atlantic, IA @Atlantic Results
Away 05/19/2016 - Thu Results
Away 05/21/2016 - Sat Results

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