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   Boone Girls Tennis Team

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Kendra Allen JR
Myra Bernard FR
Morganne Borsh SR
Emily Braun JR
Kylee Breon SR
Emily Edmondson SR
Macy Edmondson JR
Ana Freund SO
Gabby Fuentes SR
Rachel Giese SR
Chloe Gordon SR
Erica Heckman SO
Jamie Kading SO
Grace Krafcisin SR
Kara Lohman SO
Alaina McBride JR
Caitlynn Messerly JR
Megan Osborn SO
Alaney Parker SO
Davi Patterson SO
Kate Peasley JR
Maddie Postma SO
Sydney Snyder SO
Lauren Wieland FR
Casey Wilmes SO
Brooke Young SO
Away 04/04/2017 - Tue Norwalk, IA @Norwalk W 10-1
Home 04/06/2017 - Thu Boone, IA Newton W 10-1
Home 04/07/2017 - Fri Boone, IA Results
Home 04/07/2017 - Fri Boone, IA Results
Home 04/07/2017 - Fri Boone, IA Results
Home 04/10/2017 - Mon Boone, IA Pella W 6-5
Home 04/11/2017 - Tue Boone, IA Columbus Catholic, Waterloo L 1-8
Away 04/17/2017 - Mon Ankeny, IA @Ankeny Centennial L 3-8
Away 04/21/2017 - Fri West Des Moines, IA @Valley, West Des Moines W 6-5
Away 04/24/2017 - Mon Fort Dodge, IA @St. Edmond, Fort Dodge W 7-2
Away 05/01/2017 - Mon Webster City, IA @Webster City W 11-0
Away 05/04/2017 - Thu Ballard, IA @Ballard W 7-4
Home 05/08/2017 - Mon Boone, IA Kuemper Catholic, Carroll W 6-5
Away 05/09/2017 - Tue Creston, IA @Creston W 9-0
Home 05/13/2017 - Sat Boone, IA Fort Dodge W 5-1
Away 05/20/2017 - Sat Sioux City, IA @Sioux City, North Results

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