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   Mount Vernon Girls Tennis Team

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Jessica Barske SR
Jenna Baumler SR
Quincy Chihak JR
Josie Crock JR
Brittney Darrow SR
Amanda Dragon JR
Becky Edwards SO
Sammy Edwards JR
Erin Fencl SO
Becky Fishbein JR
Stacey Jaeger SR
Lexi Kelly SR
Bianca Kladivo SR
Sophie Klotzbach FR
Haley Krob JR
Abbie Larson SO
Maggie Lynott JR
Amaya Mahoney FR
Grace McCollum JR
Lauren McCollum FR
Mackenzie Moreland SO
Grace Pelley SR
Clarissa Player JR
Sadie Player FR
Paige Pospisil SR
Laurel Sherman JR
Kasey Springsteen SR
Nicole Theobald FR
Wynne Vandersall SR
Katie Wycoff SR
Megan Zobac FR
Away 04/04/2017 - Tue Marion @Marion W 6-3
Home 04/06/2017 - Thu Mount Vernon South Tama W 9-0
Home 04/10/2017 - Mon Mount Vernon Independence W 5-4
Away 04/13/2017 - Thu Union @Union Community, LaPorte City W 9-0
Home 04/17/2017 - Mon Mount Vernon Epworth, Western Dubuque W 7-2
Away 04/18/2017 - Tue Maquoketa @Maquoketa W 8-1
Home 04/20/2017 - Thu Mount Vernon Marion W 5-4
Away 04/24/2017 - Mon South Tama @South Tama W 9-0
Home 04/25/2017 - Tue Mount Vernon Maquoketa W 9-0
Away 04/26/2017 - Wed Cedar Rapids Jefferson @Cedar Rapids, Jefferson L 4-5
Neutral 05/02/2017 - Tue WaMaC tourney Maquoketa Results
Away 05/09/2017 - Tue Western Dubuque @Epworth, Western Dubuque W 5-4
Away 05/13/2017 - Sat Grinnell-Regional 1st round @South Tama W 5-1
Away 05/13/2017 - Sat Grinnell-Regional 2nd round @Grinnell W 5-4

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