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   Columbus Catholic Girls Tennis Team

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Anna Bailey FR
Bella Fain SO
Olivia Fain SR
Margaret Harn JR
Taylor Hogan JR
Avery Kroll SO
Nonalee OMalley SO
Brenna Phillips FR
Ag Ngay Say FR
Claire Schaefer FR
Anna Sinnott SR
Bailey Sinnwell SO
Erica Smith FR
Grace Sullivan JR
Syllena Swanson FR
Haylee Thurmond FR
Thalia Torres Guzman FR
Elysse Trost SO
Addy Webrand SO
Haley Zook SO
Home 04/10/2018 - Tue Waterloo Boone W 7-2
Home 04/19/2018 - Thu Waterloo Aplington-Parkersburg W 9-0
Home 04/20/2018 - Fri Waterloo Waterloo, West W 9-0
Away 04/21/2018 - Sat Clinton Results
Away 04/21/2018 - Sat Clinton Results
Away 04/21/2018 - Sat Clinton Results
Home 04/30/2018 - Mon Waterloo Oelwein W 9-0
Away 05/02/2018 - Wed Cedar Rapids @Xavier, Cedar Rapids W 5-4
Neutral 05/05/2018 - Sat Waterloo West JV invitational Results
Away 05/07/2018 - Mon Dubuque @Wahlert, Dubuque W 6-3
Home 05/10/2018 - Thu Waterloo Cedar Rapids, Washington W 8-1
Neutral 05/12/2018 - Sat Waterloo Dike-New Hartford W 6-0
Neutral 05/12/2018 - Sat Waterloo Independence W 6-0
Home 05/13/2018 - Sun Waterloo Columbus NICl invitational Results
Away 05/19/2018 - Sat Huxley @Ballard W 6-0
Neutral 05/21/2018 - Mon Johnston Shenandoah W 5-1

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