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   Indianola Girls Tennis Team

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Ellie Anderson SO
Selia Becker FR
Sophie Bell JR
Payton Belt SR
Paige Bily SO
Ellie Blosseer SR
Ellie Boyens JR
Allison Coffey SR
Madison Connett SO
Elly Flaherty JR
Aubree Freshly SO
Terrill Hagener JR
Anna Jordan SO
Mallory Kanne FR
Kaelyn Kindelspire FR
Hayden Laschanzky FR
Miranda Murphy JR
Avi Ortega SO
Brooklyn Pottebaum JR
Taylor Powers FR
Hannah Price FR
Brittany Scovel JR
Katelyn Thessen SR
Eve Wright SO
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Away 04/23/2019 - Tue Oskaloosa High School
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