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   Shenandoah Girls Tennis Team

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Erin Baldwin SO
Jillian Buzzard FR
Mara Dinges SO
Ashton Dunkle JR
Libby Ehlers SO
Natalie Gilbert JR
Nichole Gilbert JR
Aleigha Gomez FR
Cheyenne Gough SO
Lauren Haynie JR
Cydnee Kalkas SR
Donivan Kinghorn SR
Lucy Martin FR
Alexis McGinnis SR
Mariah Munsinger SR
Tuva Omberg FR
Ireland Palmer JR
Le Yuan Sun FR
Alexus Willis SR
Ava Wolf FR
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Home 04/30/2019 - Tue Mustang Field and Ray Graves Track
Home 05/02/2019 - Thu Sportsmans Park

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