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   Sioux City West Girls Tennis Team

Printable Roster
Micaiah Clayton SR
Angela Fracisco JR
Kennedy Jaerger JR
Brianna Lambing JR
Britney Lambing JR
Mandy Meyers JR
Mindy Meyers JR
Michel Salmeron JR
04/04/2019 - Thu Sioux City East High School Glenwood L 1-8
04/06/2019 - Sat Spencer City Aquatic Center Results
04/15/2019 - Mon Leif Erikson Park Bishop Heelan L 3-6
04/23/2019 - Tue West High School Sioux City East L 1-8
04/25/2019 - Thu Bishop Heelan L 4-5
05/02/2019 - Thu Sioux City North L 4-5
05/03/2019 - Fri Sioux City North W 5-4
05/09/2019 - Thu Sioux City East High School Sioux City East L 0-9

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